Frozen 2 Nightlight featuring Elsa

Frozen 2 Nightlight featuring Elsa


You can bring the adventures of Elsa and Anna into your child’s bedroom with the new Frozen 2 nightlight from Peachtree Playthings. Elsa is ready for adventure on your night stand or desk. Just push the button and this LED nightlight casts a steady glow that help kids drift off to slumber. The Elsa Frozen 2 nightlight features automatic shut-off after approximately 15 minutes allowing your child to drift off to sleep while preserving battery life.

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This Frozen 2 Night Light combines steady glowing light and Elsa into the perfect Night Light for your Frozen 2 fan.
– Features Elsa on a round base
– Push button activation easy enough for a child to turn on
– Provides steady Light for bedtime comfort
– Automatic shut-off allows child to drift off and helps preserve battery life

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