Toy Story 4 Buzz Light Year Night Light

Toy Story 4 Buzz Light Year Night Light


To Infinity and Beyond! The Buzz Light Year Nightlight from Peachtree Playthings is ready for action on your night stand or desk. Just push the button and this LED nightlight casts a steady glow that help kids drift off to slumber.The Buzz Light Year nightlight features automatic shut-off after approximately 15 minutes allowing your child to drift off to sleep while preserving battery life.


The Buzz Light Year Night Light from Peachtree Playthings combines steady glowing Light that will send you to infinity and beyond!

  • Features Buzz Lightyear on a round base
  • Push button activation easy enough for a child to turn on
  • Provides steady Light for bedtime comfort
  • Automatic shut-off allows child to drift off and helps preserve battery life


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